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Political Science Faculty & Staff


Staff Members

Corinne Foutz Administrative Manager; 801-587-9899
 Maddy Elliott Administrative Assistant; 801-581-7031
Sandy Hiskey Graduate Advisor; 801-581-8608
Madalyn Smith Undergraduate Advisor; 801-213-1144


Active Faculty

All faculty members are located in Carolyn and Kem Gardner Commons, Suite 3345 (unless otherwise noted).
Please contact faculty members via email.

Tabitha Benney

International Relationstabitha benney
Assistant Professor


Areas of Expertise: International currency markets, environmental policy, esp. environmental markets in emerging economies, and varieties of capitalism

Matthew Burbank

American Politicsmatthew burbank


Areas of Expertise: Mega-events, public opinion, and urban politics

Juliet Carlisle

American Politics 
Associate Professor


Areas of Expertise: American Politics, energy and environmental politics, public opinion, and political socialization

David Carter

      Public Policy & Administration
      Assistant Professor

       Areas of Expertise:  Regulatory program design and administration, special districts, collective action

                                      institutions, self-governance among climbers

Eunbin Chung

International Relations, Political Psychology
Assistant Professor


Areas of Expertise: International security, conflict resolution, political psychology, and survey and field experiments

James Curry

Americajim curryn Politics
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies


Areas of Expertise: Congress, leadership, and political parties

Michael Dichio

Michael DichioAmerican Politics
Assistant Professor


Areas of Expertise: American political and constitutional development, public law and courts, & politics of the U.S. Supreme Court

Edmund Fong

American Politics, Ethnic Studies john francis
Associate Professor & Director of Ethnic Studies


Areas of Expertise: Race, ethnicity, and American politics

Rick Green

Public Arick greendministration


Areas of Expertise: Administrative practices, public service, and ethics

Tobias Hofmann

Internationtobias hofmannal Relations, Comparative Politics
Assistant Professor


Areas of Expertise: International trade agreements and European integration

Claudio Holzner

Compaclaudio holznerrative Politics
Associate Professor & Director of CLAS

Office: CTIHB, Room 210

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, political participation, and social movements

Steven Johnston

Politicasteven johnstonl Theory
Professor & Maxwell Endowed Presidential Chair


Areas of Expertise: Patriotism, public space, and memorial practices

Howard Lehman

Internatiohoward lehmannal Relations
Professor & Director of the IR Certificate Program


Areas of Expertise: Globalization, foreign aid, and African politics

Baodong Liu

Americbaodong liuan Politics


Areas of Expertise: Urban and racial politics, voting, and elections

Steven Lobell

Internsteven lobellational Relations


Areas of Expertise: International security, foreign policy, political economy, and the Middle East

Sharon Mastracci

Public Adsharon mastracciministration
Professor & Interim Director of Public Policy and Public Administration


Areas of Expertise: Public management, emotional labor, workplace diversity, and public service

Ella Myers

Political Tella myersheory
Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Gender Studies
Associate Professor


Areas of Expertise: Citizen participation, economic inequality, race, and gender and politics

Peri Schwartz-Shea

Americperi schwartz-sheaan Politics, Public Administration


Areas of Expertise: Research methods and institutional review boards

Chris Simon

Public Administration, American Politics


Areas of Expertise: Alternative energy policy, energy security, education policy, and criminal justice

Phillip Singer

Health Policy
Assistant Professor


Areas of Expertise: American Politics, health politics and policy, public health, and Medicaid

Brent Steele

Internatiobrent steelenal Relations
Professor, Department Chair, & Wormuth Presidential Chair


Areas of Expertise: Security, international relations, ethics, and just war

Lina Svedin

Public Admlina svedininistration
Associate Professor 

Office: Gardner Commons, Suite 3050

Areas of Expertise: Governmental responses to crises and risk management

Yanqi Tong

Comparative Politics


Areas of Expertise: Politics of China, environmental politics in China, and political culture and governance

Jesus Valero

Public Admjesus valeroinistration
Assistant Professor


Areas of Expertise: Nonprofit organizations & management, public-nonprofit collaboration, and leadership

M. Hakan Yavuz

Comparativhakan yavuze Politics


Areas of Expertise: Transnational Islamic networks, ethnic/religious conflict, Turkey, and the Middle East


Career-Line Faculty

Marjorie Castle

International Relations, Comparative Politics
Professor Lecturer


Areas of Expertise: Foreign policy, international security, and Post-Soviet countries

Luke Garrott

Politicaluke garrottl Theory
Associate Professor Lecturer


Areas of Expertise: Urban politics and neighborhood democracy


Research Faculty

Mark Button

Politicmark buttonal Theory
Research Professor 


Areas of Expertise: Deliberative democracy, civic education, political ethics, and suicide

John Francis

Compajohn francisrative Politics
Research Professor


Areas of Expertise: Public lands, public health, Western Europe, and North America


Visiting Faculty

Geoff Allen

       Comparative Electoral Studies, Minority Politics
       Assistant Professor


       Teaching Interests: Political institutions, nationalism and ethnic politics, and political parties and elections

Dave Buhler

        American Politics, Public Administration
       Regents Professor 


       Teaching Interests: American politics and public administration

Laine Shay

         American Politics, Public Policy
Assistant Professor      


        Teaching Interests: American institutions, executive branch politics, bureaucratic politics, and state politics


Auxiliary Faculty

Morgan Lyon Cotti Adjunct Assistant Professor
Leslie Francis Adjunct Professor
Paul T. Morris Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Steve Nelson Adjunct Associate Instructor
Sandra J Pershing Adjunct Associate Professor
Jennifer Robinson Adjunct Assistant Professor


Associate Instructors

Anthony Mastracci Adjunct Instructor

Emeritus Faculty

Jim Gosling Professor Emeritus
Lauren Holland Professor Emeritus
Ronald Hrebenar Professor Emeritus
Robert Huefner Professor Emeritus
Steven Ott Professor Emeritus
Dan McCool Professor Emeritus
Susan Olson Professor Emeritus
Last Updated: 3/5/20