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International Relations Certificate

Certificate Requirements and List of Approved Courses

The Department of Political Science administers an interdisciplinary program in international relations. Students can use this Certificate to structure a program of studies in conjunction with a major of the student’s choice. Having this Certificate program based in political science provides the student with a traditional disciplinary focus and grounded in the analysis of international relations. This certificate can be used to highlight and strengthen one’s interest and understanding of international relations which then can demonstrate the student’s commitment in this area. Students who obtain this Certificate often go on to relevant careers in international business, Foreign Service, US intelligence agencies, non-profit organizations, or international law. Many decide to continue their studies in international relations at the graduate level.

The program consists of 21 credit hours of coursework: POLS 2100 (Introduction to International Relations) is a prerequisite for the Certificate, 12 credit hours in political science, and 6 credit hours in allied departments. The student also is urged to acquire a basic knowledge of a foreign language. Moreover, study abroad, international internship, or international service projects also are encouraged and can count towards the required hours. While some students may want to focus on a particular geographic region, other students may want to take classes with a more global focus.

Honor's Program courses, Honor's Theses, Special Topics, Research Seminars (POLS 5810), study abroad courses, and some internships may be accepted if they fall within the specific areas of the certificate list. Prior approval is required.

To declare the International Relations Certificate, please schedule an appointment with a political science advisor.

Last Updated: 3/27/18