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Undergraduate Political Science Advising

Meeting with an academic advisor on a regular basis helps ensure overall student success. Advisors can assist students in preparing for graduation, course and schedule planning, and declaring majors and minors. Additionally, academic advisors can help students address advising holds paced on their accounts and can connect them with other campus resources for success.

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Political Science


Honors Advisors serve as a bridge connecting students to opportunities tailored to their interests. Honors advisors and students work together to develop academic plans, explore campus and community resources, and set attainable goals.

Karleton Munn
Student Program Manager, Honors Advisor


Honors Faculty Advisors can help you explore ideas for your thesis, connect with other faculty in the department to supervise your thesis work, and (in some cases) develop a plan to complete Honors track requirements.

Professor Eunbin Chung 
Assistant Professor & Honors Faculty Advisor
Office: Carolyn and Kem Gerdner Commons, Suite 3345

Are you interested in attending Law School? Do you have questions about the preparation and application process? Ready for Pre-Law advising? Use the information below to schedule an appointment!

Amy Urbanek
Coordinator for Pre-Law Advising
Phone: 801-581-5744
Office: Building 44, RM 206
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Our online Political Science Advising Center (through Canvas) is another tool that can lead to student success. If you would like to be a member of this group, please email your request and uNID to your advisor. 


Last Updated: 3/7/24