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Our graduates regularly land jobs within academia, the private sector, and governmental positions. Check out some of our recent placements.

PhD Graduates

Seth Wright (2023) Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg Campus

Samuel Baty (2022) R&D Analyst in the Intelligence, Analysis & Technology Division Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

Karolyn Campbell (2022) Transformation Technical Analyst (Operations & Policy Analyst 3) with Oregon Health Authority, Portland, OR

Christopher Deholl (2022) Prosthetics Representative, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Salt Lake City, UT

Charles Goetz (2022) Military Strategist, Riverton, UT

Ian Adams (2022) Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina

Nick Blas (2022) Assistant Professor at Air Command and Staff College (ACSC)

Matthew Haydon (2022) Lecturer at Texas A&M

Holly Richardson (2022) Editor of Utah Policy

D. Porter Morgan (2021) Assistant Professor at the University of Utah Asia Campus

Maddy Oritt (2021) Senior Economist, Utah State Legislature

Marian Rice (2021) Deputy Director, Department of Public Utilities at Salt Lake City Corporation

Jessikay Bennion (2020) Instructor, Montana State University

Jacob Garrett (2020) Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Genoa

Alexander Lovell (2020) Director, Research & Data Science, O.C. Tanner

Susanna Southworth (2020) Visiting Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University; Adjunct Professor, Saint Martins University

Richard Amon (2019) Chief Financial Officer, Utah System of Higher Education

Wendy Davis (2019) Product Portfolio Manager, Western Governor’s University

Keita Omi (2019) Assistant Professor, Ahmedabad University

Marin Bryce (2018) Director, Peace Building Institute, Never Again Rwanda

Samuel Field (2018) Product Planning Specialist, Volkswagen

Perparim Gutaj (2018) Associate Professor, Salt Lake Community College

Arielle Newman (2018) Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

Jennifer Seelig (2018) Director of Community Empowerment, Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office

Payam Foroughi (2017) Research & Teaching Fellow, OSCE Academy, Kyrgyz Republic

Jennifer Yim (2017) Executive Director, Utah Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission

Koji Haraguchi (2016) Lecturer, International College of Liberal Arts, Yamanashi Gakuin University (Japan)

Carrie Humphreys (2016) Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee at Martinsville

Luis Oquendo (2016) Research Analyst, The Office of Budget & Institutional Analysis

Christopher Russell (2016) Legislative Analyst, Governor’s Office, State of Utah

Serhun Al (2015) Assistant Professor, Izmir University of Economics

Nouf Alenezi (2015) Assistant Professor, Kuwait University

Douglas Byrd (2015) Assistant Professor, Portland Community College

Gordon Dunne (2015) Associate Professor, Salt Lake Community College

Christopher Krueger (2015) Teacher, Skyline High, Salt Lake City, UT

Kevin Werner (2015) Science and Research Director, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

David Buhler (2014) Commissioner of Higher Education, State of Utah

Michael Howard (2014) Manager of HR Planning, Human Resource Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints, Salt Lake City, UT

Masaki Kakizaki (2014) Assistant Professor, Temple University (Japan Campus)

Shaohua Lei (2013) Assistant Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University (China)

Joana Odencrantz (2012) Assistant Professor, Dixie State College

Kristian Alexander (2011) Assistant Professor, Zayed University (UAE)

Stithorn Thananithichot (2011) Research Fellow, King Prajadhipok’s Institute (Thailand)

Etga Ugur (2011) Post-Doc, Michigan State University; Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Tacoma

Robert Forbis (2010) Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas

Heidi Franco (2010) Adjunct Professor, Univ of Utah

Tracy Graham (2010) Director, Child Services, Utah State

Saban Kardas (2010) Assistant Professor, TOBB Univ (Turkey)

Nathan Melton (M.Phil., 2010) Instructor, Utah Valley University

Stephen Nelson (2010) Deputy District Attorney, SLC District Attorney’s Office; Adjunct Professor, Univ of Utah

Jennifer Robinson (2010) Associate Director of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

Master's Graduates

Devon Cantwell (2021) PhD Candidate, Univ. of Ottawa

Alex Hall (2021) PhD Candidate, Univ. of Utah

Brittani Jay (2021) Finance Operations Coordinator, Democratic National Committee

Benjamin Krick (2021) PhD student at Duke University 

Matthew Millburn (2020) English Teacher, VIPKid

Arafat Kabir (2019) Research Intern, The Quincy Institute; MBA Student, John Hopkins University 

Spencer Bailey (2018) Government Information Specialist, US Environmental Protection Agency

Karolyn Campbell (2018) Executive Director, Disabled Rights Action Committee; PhD Candidate, Univ. of Utah

Christopher Krzeminski (2018) Senior Human Resource Assistant, Amazon

Daniel Patterson (2018) Senior Researcher, O.C. Tanner

Lance Empey (2017) Diversion Investigator, Drug Enforcement Administration

Brittany Griffin (2017) Public Information and Outreach Officer, Utah Office of State Treasurer; PhD Candidate, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Barbara Roth (2016) PhD Candidate, Ohio State Univ.

Erin Barrett (2014) Intelligence Analyst, Department of Public Safety

Jacob Crown (2014) Complaint Validation Analyst, Discover Financial Services

Oakley Gordon (2014) PhD Candidate, Univ. of California, Davis

Brian Roberts (2014) Senior City Attorney, Salt Lake City Corp

Nathan Simmons (2014) Performance Reporting Analyst, Monroe Energy

Dennis Taggart (2014) Security Analyst Tier II, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Jessica Taverna (2011) Executive Director of Undergraduate Programs, Eccles School of Business










Last Updated: 9/15/23