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Christopher deHoll


Christopher deHoll

Christopher deHoll is a current federal employee, working towards his PhD for professional development and university teaching. His subfields are public administration and American government. He received an M.P.A. from Pennsylvania State University and has subsequently developed an interest in federal human resource issues, organizational change, leadership, learning and burnout-related studies.


M.P.A., The Pennsylvania State University
B.A. Vanguard University of Southern California


“Estimating Ending Salaries of V.A. Employees” (Manuscript in progress)
“Emotional Labor and Burnout: Can We Equip Employees to Succeed?” (in progress)
“Out of Many, One: A Comparative Evaluation of Pension Policy in the US and UK” (in progress)
“Is Government Trust in the US an attainable goal?” (in progress)

University Service

Graduate Student Advisory Council, 2014 – 2015



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