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Keita Omi


Keita Omi

Keita Omi is an ABD (All-But-Dissertation) student at the Department of Political Science in the College of Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Utah.  He holds a M.A. from San Francisco State University.  His areas of specialization are international relations, comparative politics, American foreign policy, and intelligence studies.  Previously, he was a teaching assistant for U.S. National Government classes and Introductory classes to International Relations.  He has been an instructor for the political science department, teaching classes, such as Political Analysis and Introduction to International Relations, and for the College of Humanities at the University of Utah, he teaches the Japanese section of Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC).  His dissertation addresses the puzzle of when, why, and how American national leaders use covert statecraft.  He plans to employ a two-step nested analysis composed of qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry.  He anticipates that the cross-presidential survey of executive documents will allow him to discover important patterns and mechanisms in leader’s decision-making for covert statecraft.



Last Updated: 1/24/20