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Domestic Graduate Student Admissions

Slate Admissions application

Application for domestic student admissions to the Political Science Department at the University of Utah is a three-step process:
  1. Complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). This exam is required for the 2025-2026 application. 
  2. Submit an application for admission to the University of Utah Graduate School  by clicking on Slate Admissions button.
  3. All supporting documents must be uploaded to the Slate online application.

Application Deadlines for applicants wishing to begin during Fall Semester:

  • August 1                2025-2026 application opens
  • December 15      GRE completed to have scores posted by department deadline
  • January 15          Slate application deadline & upload all supporting documents 

With the use of the Slate Graduate Admissions Application, applicants will track their application status online.


University of Utah Graduate Studies Admissions Application

An offer of acceptance is valid only for the semester the applicant is admitted. If an applicant does not register for classes during their admitted term, the applicant must resubmit an admissions application and fee before the application deadline for the semester they wish to begin. Files for new applicants who do not enroll are normally kept one year. Files not reactivated within one year are destroyed.

Once admitted and enrolled, graduate students are required by Graduate School policy to maintain continuous registration during the academic year of fall and spring semesters. If a graduate student must stop, they should file the appropriate paperwork for an "Official Leave of Absence" through the graduate studies director. Students failing to maintain continuous registration and who have not been granted an official leave of absence must reapply for admission to the Graduate School through the University's Admissions Office.

The University of Utah is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity in all programs, activities, and employment. Moreover, students may not be denied admission to graduate work solely because they obtained a prior degree at the University of Utah. For additional information, see the U of U Graduate School admissions requirements.

An applicant for admission to Graduate Studies must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.2, based on all undergraduate work. If the undergraduate GPA is below 3.2, a GPA will be calculated on the last 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) of the undergraduate work for admission consideration.
  2. A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  3. Application approved by the department Graduate Studies Committee.


Graduate students may apply to more than one department; however, a separate, complete application must be submitted for each department desired. Applicants applying to more than one program must pay an application fee for each application. Also, applicants applying to joint programs must submit applications to both programs and pay fees for both. The non-refundable graduate application fee for domestic applicants is $55 and for international applicants is $65. Applications submitted after the Office of Admissions' established application deadlines wil incur an additional $30 late fee, even if an academic department has a later deadline.

NEW - Application Tracking System -  
Track your application online through your Slate account.  If you are admitted, you will track your application through the University Admissions office website.
Last Updated: 6/11/24