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  • barbara kufiadanMartin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Promised Land’ still a dream for black University of Utah students

    Barbara Kufiadan, political science major, added her voice to that of other U students in a recent article from The Salt Lake Tribune. “I don’t feel like we’ve come that far,” she said. “We’re still fighting systematic oppression that keeps black people down.”

  • hakan yavuzGhost is There

    On July 15, 2016, a faction of the Turkish military attempted to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Hakan Yavuz, professor of political science said, "In Turkey, the Gulen movement as a structure is more or less finished, but the soul, the spirit of the moment is still alive."

  • u.s. capitolCongress is old. Does it matter?

    Everyone knows elected members of Congress are generally older than most other Americans, but it may surprise some to hear just how old.

  • olympic ringsCan Olympic Games help thaw Korean tensions? The bigger question is what comes after

    Matthew Burbank, associate professor of political science, has spent much of his time devoted to studying urban policy with an emphasis on the Olympics. He believes South Korea viewed these Olympics as another chance to host the world, like it did with the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

  • john and leslie francisPrivacy: What Everyone Needs to Know

    John Francis, professor of political science, and Leslie Francis, professor of philosophy and law, spoke with Tom Williams of Access Utah about their book Privacy: What Everyone Needs to Know.

  • lgbtq politiciansLGBTQ Community Making Gains in Utah Politics

    Political science associate professor Matthew Burbank said the outcome is “better than I would have thought,” and suggests that attitudes toward the LGBTQ community among Utah voters are changing along with those in the rest of the country.

  • james curryCurry discusses Government Shutdown

    A temporary budget fix is in place. What's next? James Curry, assistant professor of political science, spoke with Julie Rose on Top of Mind Radio on the politics that will play out in the next phase.

  • tim chamblessChambless weighs in on President Trump's visit to Utah

    Tim Chambless, associate professor (lecturer) of political science spoke with Good4Utah regarding President Trump's visit to Utah and what it means for Bears Ears National Monument.

  • james curryLegislating in the Dark

    In an episode from the podcast No Jargon, James Curry, assistant professor of political science, explains how limited resources have enabled party leaders to write and negotiate most laws in Congress.

  • ian adamsAdams named 2017 ASPA Founders Fellow

    Congratulations to Ian Adams, political science PhD student, for being named a 2017 American Society for Public Administration Founders Fellow!

  • eun bin chungAid for Vote? United Nations General Assembly Voting and American Aid Allocation

    In a new publication, Eun Bin Chung, political science assistant professor, and her co-author demonstrate that the US provides more aid to countries who hold unfavorable positions to the US only in the post-Cold War era.

  • valeria jiminezJimenez receives Undergraduate Diversity Scholars Award

    Congratulations to Valeria Jimenez, Political Science HBS, who received the Undergraduate Diversity Scholars Award from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).

  • satin tashniziThree Things For Brands To Consider When Targeting Millennials

    Established brands and organizations have been trying to adapt their advertising strategies to appeal to millennials for years. In a recent Forbes article, Satin Tashnizi (HBS political science '17), says one of the solutions for a higher voter turnout among millennials is an increase in accessibility.

  • tim chamblessCould Steve Bannon’s efforts really unseat Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch?

    Tim Chambless, associate professor of political science, weighs in on the "mini-drama" that is unfolding between former White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and Senate Republicans.

  • jesus valeroValero and team awarded RWJF grant

    Congratulations to political science assistant professor Jesus Valero and team who were awarded a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

  • Poli-Sci and ENVST Tackle Food CertificationPoli-Sci and ENVST Tackle Food Certification

    Check out this report by David Carter (Political Science) and two undergraduate students in Environmental and Sustainability Studies!

  • Frustrated Utah Republicans, Democrats Form New Centrist Political PartyFrustrated Utah Republicans, Democrats Form New Centrist Political Party

    The new United Utah Party is meant to be a home to those in the center of the political spectrum who are frustrated with the polarity of the current two-party system. Political science associate professor Tim Chambless says that the party could catch on if it proves to have staying power after the 2018 election.

  • Salt Lake County is Becoming Less MormonSalt Lake County is Becoming Less Mormon

    Morgan Lyon Cotti, associate director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics and adjunct assistant professor of political science, weighs in on the changing demographics of the LDS church in Utah.

  • In Navajo Nation, Bad Roads Can Mean Life or DeathIn Navajo Nation, Bad Roads Can Mean Life or Death

    Political science professor Dan McCool says that the conflict over the quality of reservation roads is typical of many of the service problems experienced by Utah Navajos.

  • Congratulations to Kim Gabbitas!Congratulations to Kim Gabbitas!

    Kim Gabbitas, ’17 (Political Science), recently presented research on ‘Trade Union Trade-Offs: Unions, Voters, and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism’ at the 15th Claremont-University of California Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union, April 6-7, 2017.

  • Trump's Enforcement on Undocumented ImmigrantsTrump's Enforcement on Undocumented Immigrants

    Professor Claudio Holzner discusses his research on the civic and political ties undocumented immigrants have to their communities and the real-life impact that Trump's new stricter enforcement guidelines will have on immigrant communities.

  • Checks and BalancesChecks and Balances

    Assistant professor James Curry explains how executive orders can be challenged.

  • Trump's Effect on Foreign PolicyTrump's Effect on Foreign Policy

    Professor Howard Lehman discusses how Trump's presidency may weaken the United States in terms of global relations.

  • Professors Published in PS: Political Science & PoliticsProfessors Published in PS: Political Science & Politics

    Professors Brent J. Steele and Peri Schwartz-Shea have each been published in the latest issue of one of the leading journals of the American Political Science Association: PS: Political Science & Politics.

  • Congress is far more bipartisan than headlines suggestCongress is far more bipartisan than headlines suggest

    While media headlines criticize Congressional processes, assistant professor James Curry argues that Congress still makes laws just as it always has.

  • Professor Receives ASPA FellowshipProfessor Receives ASPA Fellowship

    Congratulations to assistant professor David Carter, who just received the American Society for Public Administrations Founders' Fellowship for 2017.

  • Conozca El Sistema ElectoralConozca El Sistema Electoral

    Associate professor and Center for Latin American Studies Director Claudio Holzner recently did an interview with the Spanish-language news station Telemundo10 about presidential candidate Evan McMullin.

  • Racial Tension in the ElecitonRacial Tension in the Election

    Political science associate professor Edmund Fong speaks with Good4Utah on the racially charged rhetoric that has been central through this election cycle.

  • Lina Svedin on Brexit Implications for Utah BusinessLina Svedin on Brexit Implications for Utah Business

    Associate professor of political science Lina Svedin participated in a panel presentation and discussion at the World Trade Center Utah for the Utah business community on August 2nd. The topic was “Implications of ‘Brexit’ for Utah businesses”.

  • 2016 Faculty Awards2016 Faculty Awards

    Find out more about our amazing faculty and the awards they've recently received!

  • Trump and HubrisTrump and Hubris

    Poli-sci chair Mark Button discusses the connection between the recent political ascendency of Donald Trump and ancient Greece.

Last Updated: 4/6/18